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CATCHING SANTA is you catching Santa when he visits your home Christmas morning. Santa’s visit is filmed by you, catching Santa as he places gifts, eats cookies and reads your children’s letters. This event takes real planning and you, the parent, need an eye for detail. Trust us the kids notice everything.


So what exactly is, CATCHING SANTA?

Catching Santa is where you hear a noise and as you go to check you “catch” Santa putting out Christmas toys for your good little girls and boys. You’re so excited that you grab your camera or cell phone and secretly film the event. When Santa leaves you excitedly awaken your children to show what just happened!


But Santa my kids will hear and get up, what then?

Well here’s the beauty of this. We film this one evening, days before Christmas, when the kids are gone. You have it “in the can” and ready for Christmas morning to surprise the kids.


So how does this work?

First Meeting

We meet at your home, no kids around, and talk about your style of Christmas. Trust me, the fewer things Santa has to do the better, less for kids to scrutinize later. We go over all the ideas, come up with a plan and set a date.


Film Day/evening (for external darkness in the video)

Santa arrives at your home per our plan with your children gone. You stand where you want to film Santa doing what he does. Santa delivers the presents, etc. while you film. When done, you’re ready for a great experience with your kids on Christmas morning! We can even give ideas for the ‘wake up’.


But you said we need an eye for detail?

Trust me, the more things you want Santa to put out or move, the more you’re going to have to remember to put back in just the same place for Christmas morning. Kids are much smarter and more observant than we think. More details will be shared at our First Meeting.


But my child is 7 and already doesn’t believe in Santa, can this work?

The perfect age for this is when the child is between 3 and 8. Even older doubters will believe again or at least enjoy going along to help their younger siblings believe.



Catching Santa Rates are based on two visits:

First visit is at your home and may last up to one hour for all planning. We will make a plan, schedule a date and you will need to pay 50% retainer.* This retainer is non-refundable. Second Visit is the day/evening you film the great event, usually this lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Payment of balance in full is expected when we get done.

NOTE: Be aware you only need about 4 to 10 minutes of filming. The shorter, the better, the easier to restage come Christmas morning, when you become Santa.


CATCHING SANTA Event ~ $200.00

First visit requires a 50% retainer $100.00

Film day, a final payment of $100.00

Catching Santa is a wonderful family event that will add a bit of Santa magic and sparkle to the joy of your Christmas Holiday.


*If, during the first visit meeting, you decide that this is just not feasible, (highly unlikely), a $50.00 fee for this meeting will be the only obligation.


Schedule and complete a Catching Santa shoot before November 14th for a discounted price of $140.00!

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